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Weeks 13 - 14



My skin went through a dry patch lately since I switched from my regular cleanser to a sulphur soap. But it's the regular dryness I get where I still break out. Anyway, as always I'm back to an oilier state. I'm a living oil factory. smh

I also started taking my contraceptive pills again - it's ethinyl estradiol and cyproterone acetate (Krimson or Ginette where I live, Dianette in other places). I started taking them in 2010 for my menstrual problems, stopped because I was sick of taking an extra pill everyday and I started again because my problem came back. Ugh!

The insert says it helps clear acne but it never helped me. It never aggravated my acne though so I was grateful because so many things do like microgynon (ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel). Microgynon made my skin hideous in a very short time.

I AM hoping, though, that this time, the birth control pills will clear my skin. Wishful thinking, but who knows.

Right now as I type I don't have anything huge on my skin. I have some small bumps between my brow, and at the corner of my brow, a tiny but oddly painful little whitehead on m cheek and some stuff healing from my recently stressful couple of weeks.

Maybe if I find a millionnaire to marry so I don't have to spend 16 hours or more everyday at work and school then I'd have clear skin. I might be just the stress and constant lack of sleep that's not allowing me to have clear skin. The lack of sleep is not something that I can change most times though, not when I have to be out of the house by 6:30 am, 6 days a week and sometimes I'm not home until 11pm... it's just not possible some days.


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