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Day 11 (40Mg Claravis)



I woke up to no new blemishes today after last night I thought I had began the inevitable initial breakout but today those spots seem to be shrinking and no new spots forming yet.. but who knows I read other ppl's experience and most log that spots could pop up anytime. Well it's somewhat of a relief but at the same time I feel like I am still waiting for the IB to happen.. Face is pretty dry and still itchy today. I would say when i started claravis my oily-ness was 8/10 ten being the most oily and now it is about 4/10 my lips are even more dry I put lip balm maybe 5x daily and I also put oil on my face before moisturizer at night and it has helped with the dry, itchiness, and redness so much! It looks like it is fading the scars too. So I will continue to do that and still exfoliate as much as my skin can tolerate.