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The Regimen - Day 7



So it's my 7th day doing the regimen process! And I am already seriously thinking of buying Dan's AHA and BP as I think the gel formula would be much easier to apply then the cream I am currently using. Also I really want to use the AHA I have heard so many amazing reviews about it!

Anyway so my skin healed up really well the first 5 days, like it went flawless with just the pink spots you get after a pimple goes away. I am currently looking for a product (that gets sold in Australia) that will get rid of these spots and even out my skin tone to look really pretty like I've always dreamt! But yeh on night 5 I got a pimple on my cheekbone and it was one of those under the skin ones.. I puts some 10%BP on it during the day and it king of shrunk it a little bit, but by the afternoon I was soo fed up with it and had to try and pop it! So i washed my hands just before I went in the shower to do my cleansing part of the regimen and popped it and soo much yuck stuff came out of it! I was actually glad I popped it haha tongue.png then I went in the shower and cleansed my face with the cetaphil gentle cleanser and had a shower and got out and did the rest of the regimen. I popped a tiny bit of the 10% BP again over the top of it all and went to bed a few hours later.

So I woke up and the pimple on my cheek was just a red little smudge/dot. It was not sore and it had no bump underneath it so I was really happy! These kind of pimples used to hang around for 4-5 days..sore with a big bump! So I think by tomorrow it will be pretty much completely gone smile.png

I recently heard on another post that she is using lavender oil under her moisturiser and said it gets rid of those spots! So high hopes for it smile.png Also said that she used another product that unfortunately doesn't get sold anywhere I live sad.png so I was pretty disappointed but i'm sure I will eventually find a product that will get rid of those annoying spots I have! But I will definitely be trying the lavender oil tomorrow when I go up town and get some! (I was meant to today but I got super busy.)

Photos of my progress will be added to my photo album on my profile smile.png


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