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Day 8-10

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Alright well I thought I was doing so well and was really scared for the IB and I think I have gotten it... On day 8 I was still dry and my active spots from the days before were going away and today, day 10 I woke up to two new spots on my cheeks but the rest of my face was flat. Well It is night time now and I looked in the mirror and saw 3 new spots on my forehead and 4 on my cheeks... AH I hope this IB doesn't last too long or get too severe I will feel really depressed and alll that bad stuff that comes along with a bad breakout. I hope I will one day have flawless skin. Only some people can be that lucky with accutane. My lips feel drier and my eyes are super dry. My face and some parts of my body are incredibly itchy and my eyebrows too! I am really thirsty and need to start drinking more water. Well guys wish me luck and I pray this IB will move along quickly. Currently I am still exfoliating with bha's. Not sure when my skin will start to get too angry with everything..

It sucks that people who suffer from severe acne have to go through so much crazy BS to have decent looking skin. Anyways thanks for reading.

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