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So Depressed



Have to go for a party today .. tried avoiding it .. but I couldnt . So now everybody gets to see my pimples and comment on how my skin turned from flawless to rocky mountains in a span of a month and offer advice on how I should wash my face more... cuz if u have pimples it obviously means ur unhygienic !!

And to top it off two new big fat cysts .. yay !!


I know its hard but try not to even think about your skin while youre there and have fun. Im the same way when I have to go somewhere where there are a lot of people but I usually forget about it once I get there. I bet no one will even say anything about your breakout. Plus I see your on Accutane so your going to have great skin soon anyway and no one will even remember.. Probably not even you!

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I know the feeling so much, enjoy yourself and just be confident as much as it's hard to be, just think that you're doing everything to treat your acne and one day, you'll walk into a party without a mark! YOU GO PARTAYYYY :]

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Don't even think about your skin! We've all been through it. If they mention it, tell them that you're already doing something about it. Your skin will be flawless soon, and it's going to stay like that! In the mean time, just don't even think about your pimples.

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Thanks for the encouragement guys :) really appreciate it . This site has helped me so much. Specially when im feeling down I just read all these comments and peoples journeys to clear skin and it helps my mood . Thanks a lot :)

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