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Asian Mixto Co2



Hi everyone,

So I have been following peoples blogs on this site for awhile, particularly Slee3 and Dragz regarding the mixto treatment. I have suffered from acne ever since i was in middle school and it have left scars mostly on my cheeks and temples. I would say that my scars are not as drastic as slee3 and dragz, but in my eyes they are very noticeable. If i would rate my scars on a scale from 1-5 i would probably say they were at a 2.5 or 3. I have been wanting to get fractional co2 laser done for about 6 years now and throughout those years i have been researching many places and doctors. I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Rihimi at his facility at forever young in Los Angeles, because i saw the results posted on slee3 and dragz blogs. I went in for a consultation about a month ago and scheduled my appointment on 8/29. Before the procedure i was very nervous because i am very particular with my face and i didn't want any negative side effects such as more scarring from the laser or drastic hyper pigmentation.

On 8/29 i went into the doctors office around 12:00. Dr. Rihimi gave me 1 and a half valiums to take to put under my tongue and from there he put numbing cream on. I waited in a room on the bed anticipating the procedure and a hour later he gave me some shots and started the procedure with his assistant Beth. Shes the nicest lady there. After the mixto treatment Dr. Rihimi let me look at myself in the mirror and from there i knew i made the right decision of going to this facility and waiting this many years to get this done. Its been about 4 days now and i can see the new skin resurfacing. Mostly all my enlarged pores and scars are not even noticeable at all. I know its still quite early to tell how the outcome is going to be but i gotta say that my skin looks very very good. I have been healing very well and i would say in about 2 or 3 more days i should be done with the peeling. I will keep you guys updated with my progress. As for my before and after pictures i will gladly show you if you PM me because i dont want my pictures getting leaked all over google and what not.


it is now about two weeks after the procedure and i would say i have seen 60% improvement in my scars. What i have noticed with my skin is that it didnt take long at all to recover. The hyper pigmentation is minor which i am thankful for because i am japanese and my skin is very pale. I also noticed that my skin isnt as oily as it used to be which i really like. Some of my scars have disappeared but most of them have gotten shallow or shrunk. The follow up procedure is where the results really show, so ive heard. Ill probably be going to set a appointment for the follow up next year since i will be busy with school. If anyone is interested in getting this procedure done i would definitely recommend it. Just make sure you go to a good doctor like Dr. Rihimi and youll be in good hands.