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Week 10



Hey there...so week ten of dianette and week 9 of differin. When I say week ten of dianette it is ten weeks since I started. I've had my weeks break every month, so just about to finish one of those the now and start back on dianette tomorrow for what will be my fourth pack, so although it is fourth monthly pack, there are only three weeks per pack (and I ran on and didn't take my weeks break) so that is why I count it in weeks and not months. (Confused...I am! lol)

Anyway, last week was a difficult week. Although I can see progress sometimes I feel that nothing is happening as quickly as I would like it to. I was getting upset about my red marks and texture where I had my bad break out and I got two new spots. So I was a bit upset on Friday. I really should learn to keep my cool, because fast forward to today and those two spots (block pores/whiteheads) have dried out and after really thinking about my progress I can tell my red marks are slowly going away (slowly!!). Right now I have one active on my face and it's a bit of a weird one, started as what I thought was a blocker pore, but is now like a cyst, although it is quite deep I think as although I can feel it, I can barely see it on my face, it just looks a bit red. It is on my cheekbone, so a bit of blusher sort of cover it a bit..it's been there for about two weeks. I am just leaving well alone as it's not sore and I think it is slowly going away on it's own. No active at all on my chin only some teeny tiny little milia like spots which I can only see with a mirror about a millimetre close to my face, so my chin is looking better than it has in ages and the redness is going right down. Forehead still pretty clear with the occasional blocked pores/little tiny spots...but I've always had that on and off and you can hardly see them at all.

So I continue on in my journey. Again I'm just happy things aren't getting worse (touch wood!) and still hopeful that now the acne has subsided, by texture and red marks will quickly follow once that area isn't so irritated. I need to look at where I have come from and it is only improvement. I would recommend differin to anyone as although my skin isn't where I want to be (yet) it is much much better...I think I maybe did experience a bit of and initial breakout but to be honest my skin was getting worse and worse so it's hard to tell. And it wasn't anything unexpected. The areas that were clear stayed clear and just got better, it was only my break out areas that purged a bit but nothing terrible, mostly whiteheads, although some where more inflamed than others, but they seemed to go away quicker, and I truly think my skin would have a looked a lot worse had I not used the differin. Last night when I took my make up off I actually thought my skin looked pretty good apart from the bit that is still healing and even that just looked like a couple of spots (although mostly red marks).

I have started using a new cleanser it's by Priori and it is Gentle Daily Cleanser with lactic acid. I was a bit nervous about using this along with my differin, but my skin really tolerates the differin now. It's a lovely cleanser and I think might be helping the red marks as well, it is very gentle and my skin feels quite hydrated afterwards. I have had a few nights where I skipped the differin as I felt like this was gently exfoliating as well so I would lay off the differin if I felt I needed a break. I have read lactic acid is the most gentle form of aha and can actually retain moisture, I certainly find it a really nice cleanser to use and makes my skin very soft.

So that is where I am at, still chasing perfection but when I sit back and look at the whole process I am happier than I was and my skin is looking better. Still a few weeks with differin to the three month mark. So I think I might wait and do a post then unless I see any major changes.

Hope you are all doing well, and if anyone every has any questions, very happy to help. I know starting something new can be scary.



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