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Ahhhhhhhh, Losing Hope!



Okay so today I've been continuing my same regimen; washing once a day instead of twice because of dry skin, with aveeno clear complexion, and neutorgena body wash, following up with 10% benzol peroxide on my back. But I realized I have three new acne on my back. ALL CYSTIC. I can't do anything about cystic. And there's a new one on my chin. I can't get rid of them! I'm so depressed today.

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The only thing I have known to work on cystic acne is amoxicillin And cephalexin. Don't be afraid to take antibiotics. The antibiotics will prevent the bacteria from replicating Itself. Do you have health insurance? If so, see a dermatologist and get into Medication regimen. You will see improvement within 3 months. Or sooner

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