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Let Me Introduce Myself!



Hey guys!:) So let me introduce myself, I am a 14 year old girl that has been self conscious of her acne since 11.My brother had BAD acne at 15 and was put on Accutane from a dermatologist that my mom took him too and he is now 18 and is acne free but he chose to keep his acne scars because of the long and PAINFUL process that he would have had to go through. But he was very self conscious and I never knew why until at 11 I started getting pimples on my chin and at 12 it spread to my cheeks and my forehead. I have tried everything to proactive, to almost all the Clearasil and Neutrogena products. So I just started high school and I cant even talk to people without feeling like they are just laughing at me in their minds about my acne. I don't have a lot of cyst like acne but I have big pimples that just wont go AWAY! So my mom has made an appointment with the dermatologist that helped my brother with his acne. So I hope that she will help me boost my confidence. So I would love you guys to come along with me to my journey to clear skin!:)

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Hi Alison, I know it can be a struggle to have acne...especially at school when it seems like most everyone else has flawless skin. It is great that your mom is taking you to the dermatologist. That is what I did when I struggled with acne in high school many many years ago and that is what I did for my son when he struggled at age 13 with bad acne.

Although it took several months, clear skin did finally become a reality. It will for you too. Stick with the treatment your doctor prescribes...it won't happen overnight, but things really will get better.

Take care or yourself...I can't wait to hear about your clear skin! :)

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