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Day 4 Finacea



Today is Day 4 of using Finacea Gel 15%. First time user, heard about it over the internet and ordered it for around $25.00 from Chemist Wharehouse. More expensive than other treatments, but I read good things about it, and also wanted to see if it would improve rosacea, which I believe I have had all my life but never been diagnosed. I basically have very fair, nearly pink skin, and brown auburn coloured hair.

I had previously been using Benzac AC 10%, but perhaps I started with to high strength, anyway I developed an allergy, where as now, even if I use the slighest amount on my face, the next morning my eyes are completely swollen and face red and puffy.

So what I have found so far with the Finacea is that, my skin is worse and better, on day 4. I have pimples in places that I have never had and my skin feels tight, looks red and seems oilier.

I had been applying gel twice a day for first 3 days and now today, I have decided to cut back to once a day for a while, to let my skin adjust. The only other product I am using is 100% Aloe vera gel. This definately helps with the stinging from Finacea and after ten minutes my face feels calm and normal.

I really hope this stuff works and will update as things progress. So far, I am seeing results so will persist.