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Honey Mask



Today I woke up to less redness on my face :) which was great .. it could be because :

1. I stopped using BP

2. Im adding tto to my steam water

3. Honey mask

Im using a honey mask . ... everyday for one hour It makes skin soft ... :) and it has antibacterial properties so all in all its a win win :)

If anybody wants to try this what I recommend :

1. Wear a tee which u dont care about much

2. Pull all hair back use a hair band if necessary

3. When applying the honey massage the honey onto face very gently initially it spreads easily but after a while theres a little more friction... its like applying moisturiser .

4. Start with small quantities and then increase cuz u dont want the honey to drip all over .

After applying this way I hardly had any drips .

Now u think that because the honey Is so sticky it would be hard to wash off but it comes off real easily.

Some people recommend adding lemon juice to the honey but im laying off the lemon for a while because lemon juice is acidic and although I have applied it in the past when I had breakouts , I think it will just irritate my already fragile skin ( isotretinoin) . So im just using plain honey at the moment.

I have to attend a party on saturday so im hoping my skin looks better by saturday ... obviously i dont have unrealistic expextations like flawless skin ... but I can hope for less redness and more smoothness .. so fingers crossed :)

Have a nice weekend guys :)