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About My Acne

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Hello guys i honestly don't know if anyone is reading this but i just wanna tell you guys about my acne and what i go through to get rid of it. OK well i have mild acne, ive used so much things to get rid of it lemon,face products, pills and creams from my dermatologist, and etc ! & the worse part is i have HORMONAL ACNE and that's just the worse because they appear like at anytime just when i think my face is finally clearing up BOMB they come back again. People always call me pimple face and i always get asked by some people why do you have acne like what kinda question is that i have like no control of it and i wear makeup like just for school and when im going out but when im home im finally make up free and u can see the bumps witch is pretty gross when i wear make up btw . I try not to let some people get to me i know life is more then just beauty but people make it seem like beauty is everything it kinda is but i wish i didn't think like that . Did I almost forget my mom has acne so mine is genetics, But my mom doesn't have bad acne really she never gets acne at her for head and chin and not a lot at her cheeks but like the side of her face a little though if that makes sense . & if anyone is reading this is it true the older you get the more less your acne gets? Im just wondering, and i hope someone answers and thanks for reading this it really means a lot . shy.gif

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Have you been to a dermatologist? What do you use on your skin? Sometimes acne can lessen as you get older but that's not always the case. For me, my acne had started on my forehead when I was in middle school and gradually moved down my face as I got older, so now I only break out on the lower half of my face.

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I take saw palmetto saw a girl on you tube said it was good for hormonal acne.. been taking it for a while with other vitamins .. made my skin better but not cleared.. i guess acne does get better as you get older but it does not go away.. im 27 will be 28 in October still have acne had it since i was 14 .. don't know how old u are.. i also hate it when people think ur not taking care of ur skin. if they only knew my skin is what im always thinking about, from the moment i wake up to the time i go to sleep. hate the fact that im still dealing with acne at my age.. i read of people in their 40's still have it less than when they where young but still dealing with it. i no longer believe my acne will go away by itself as i get older.. i have waisted my whole youth on worrying about my skin

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