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My History



I had a little time today and I thought I would write a post about my history :)

I am 21 now and I got acne when I was around 13 and my mum took me to the derm and the derm was like oh that's cuz of puberty hormones doing the tango its completely normal it will go on its own .

Aand guess what it never did until I was 18 ... When I started exercising regularly and eating healthy ... I applied nothing on my acne and it went on its own ... I used to get the occasional pimple every now and then but nothing severe :)

Then last year , I got another breakout .. And I went to my derm and she advised me to do my hormones as I was getting irregular periods. I was diagnosed with pcod !

My gynac then put me on cyproteron acetate which is a birth control pill and with that my pimples were gone ... I had perfect skin once again ... It was flawless not a single pimple for a whole year .. My pcod got cured and I stopped the pill like 4 months back.

And last month my acne returned with such a vengeance . It was the most horrible breakout I've had in my life! I had acne on my whole face! So I decided to take isotretinoin and get rid of it once and for all!!

Today is day 23 for me and I think my skin is purging ... I keep looking at all the before free pics of people who were on isotretinoin and that is what keeps me Going .. Can't wait for this to get over quick :)


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