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Lerosett Day 14

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Yesterday morning I had four pimples on my left cheek. Today there is only three and I think they are going away. My right jawline is all cleared up at the moment except for all the scars. It also looks like I have a little bit of cosmetic acne? When I stretch my skin, there are little white spots. They usually don't ever develop a head or anything or turn into a full blown pimple, but it's really annoying. My forehead and nose are still clear. Last night I felt a pimple coming on the side of my nose but I put some BP on it and it vanished! I have two small pimples on my chin :/ I think my skin is reacting to being off the birth control pills. Next month I have to go back on them again. I hope it doesn't ruin the progress I've made so far. Overall though, my complexion looks a lot better. It isn't as red. My problem areas stay a light pink. My clear areas look a lot better. I'm not sure why, but my overall skin tone has been improving, not that I'm complaining. I have enough Lerosett left to probably last me another week, maybe two. I am going to keep at it because it seems to be working, although ever so slowly.

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