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Pre-Accutane & Spironolactone - Day 1

Jane C


Pre-Accutane & Spironolactone - Day 1

I am a 19 y/o female from Australia. I am suffering with hormonal acne mainly on my cheeks & jawline and also scarring. I also have a problem with Hirsutism (excessive hair). I had severe acne on my face and back when I was 14 years old which the pill Brenda and topical Clindamycin combated up until now it has returned only on my face again. 5 months ago I was prescribed Doxycycline for 3 months, which actually flared up my acne and made it worse, leaving me with permanent scarring. I was recently referred to a Dermatologist and have been prescribed Oratane 10 mg (Accutane/Isotretinoin) and Aldactone 100 mg (Spirinolactone) to take daily. I will also be continuing Brenda for birth control/hirsutism purposes.

My acne is concentrated around my cheeks, jaw line and chin. I would classify it as moderate and my skin type is oily.


Here is a list of what I have tried and isn't working now for me which is what has led me to start Accutane/Isotretinoin & Spironolactone:

Benzoyl Peroxide (Proactiv) - Which I am allergic/sensitive to so I can't use this ingredient.

Salicylic Acid (a variety of brands, mainly Clean & Clear) - Helps to dry out the pimple but doesn't stop acne from forming.

Oral Antibiotic Doxycycline - Made my acne worse, resulted in severe cystic acne and left me with scarring.

Prescription Topical Clindamycin - Worked well throughout high school but discontinued use at 17 y/o as it stopped working.

Diet - I have cut down on milk/dairy and only have milk rarely. This I believe has somewhat helped.

Birth Control Brenda/Diane - Worked throughout highschool but now isn't enough.


So now that I have introduced myself, today is Day 1 of my journey and I took my first Oratane tablet at 12PM with food and will take my Aldactone tonight before bed. I really hope that I'll be on my way to clear skin by the end of this.


Hi, I have done lots of research on both Accutane and Spiro. I am a bit suprised that you are on both of these medications at the same time. The side effect can be great. I just want to encourage you to be very careful. I totally understand feeling frustrated and emotional drained from the fight of acne. With that being said did you just try the spiro alone first? I have never heard of the two being combined. If your choice was Accutane that should be enough to clear your acne without the spiro. Both of these medications need blood testing as they both can effect different things in your body. Both dry up the oily from within and seems like a lot for your body to endure at the same time. With spiro you need to drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Cif your acne is hormonal Spiro should do the trick without the Accutane or if u are set on Accutane you don't need the Spiro. Just for your health you might want to seek another professional opinion if these two drugs are safe to combined. Just concerned. Take care

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Hi FindATreatment! Thanks for caring enough to post a comment. I know they are usually prescribed individually but after looking online & here on the forums there are others who are on both medications.

I suffer with hirsutism and hormonal acne along my jawline and cheeks so Spironolactone will help deal with that. But I have very bad scarring all over my cheeks/jawline from my breakouts which is why my Dermatologst prescribed Accutane to 'speed up' the process by getting rid of the congestion faster which Accutane does. Spironolactone is a slow drug so because I am scarring badly this is why I am on both. I am on a very low dose of Accutane 10mg and a high dose of Spironolactone 100mg. Hopefully this makes sense, but thank you for expressing concern. It wasn't an easy decision to go on both but I have trust in my Doctor.

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