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Hair Loss Stopped And Its All Back To Normal For Now

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My new entry will be short and happy: Hairloss post accutane completely stopped and new hairs that grow are as strong and thick as before!:) It took 9 months to recover from the effect of accutane. Just a few months back my new hairs grew very, very thin but now its back to what it was before accutane! I am so happy and relieved. Do not lose hope if you suffer similar effect post accutane, it does get better but it takes time:) I still take 20,000mcg of biotin per day.

I keep my acne under control with Dan's regimen and my skin has never been better:)

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Just finished a 7 month course of Accutane a few days ago and I still have a ton of hair falling out! I'm also taking biotin but I'm not sure how much.

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biotin usually sold in small doses you have to make sure you are taking at least 5000mcg or above because it will not help if the amount is less than that. if it is 1000mcg pills then take 5 of these. And it is not a quick process to recover the hair growth to its previous state. So, be prepared it might take long. I was originally told to wait 2 years for full recovery but I feel now it might be quicker:) I hope you hair grows back soon!!!

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