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Week One On Accutane



I just started Accutane (Absorica) yesterday. I am taking 30mg in the morning and 30 mg at night. I am about 5'8 and 132 pounds so my drem said this was my recommended dose. I don't have terrible cystic acne like a lot of people who take isotretinoin but I have had acne since I was 11 and I just turned 19. So after battling EXTREMELY oily skin and constant breakouts for 8 years I have decided to try and eradicate it once and for all. I have previously tried Ziana topical gel, Diffren topical gel and Retin a micro .04% then got bumped up to Retin a micro .1% I love the Retin a because it's the best product I've tried this far but I want something even better. I have of course tried all the "clean and clear" "acne free" and all those over the counter products but nothing worked.

All in all I'm very excited for accutane I am just nervous about the possible side effect of hair loss because I did experience hair loss when I tried to do a B5 megadose to get rid of acne (BAD idea). I'm also dreading the possibility of getting an initial breakout even though the dermatologist told me "you don't have that type of acne and I really don't think you'll get worse before better, I think you'll see results after a couple weeks"

I just want some input and experiences with this drug. Any stories of encouragement would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks so much!!!


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Once and for all may not be the case. Well it was not in my case. I took it for 7 months and acne returned as it was before right after I finished the course. Plus I started to lose my hair with a speed of light, haha Having said that, I did enjoy beautiful oils free skin whilst taking accutane and it was amazing while it lasted. Have you tried dan's regimen because it worth a try. Good luck with accutane!

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Also just finished my 7 month course a couple days ago. I did have hair loss (quite a bit, nothing noticeable to anyone else) I had hair everywhere! Still do! Hoping this will get better soon! Take biotin while taking Accutane! And if you have hair loss tell your dermatologist they might recommend other things. I was recommended prenatal vitamins but decided not to take them just because those doses are meant for two people, the women and baby. So I just decided not to. But maybe take some iron. Good luck my Accutane was fantastic besides that! Also take some calcium because I did have some back and hip pain due to decrease in calcium levels (also common) Good luck!

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