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Happy Or Sad

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is anyone over here happy? has anyone tried to get rid off stress has it helped wit yo skin......

my first breakout was wen i changed my school... i was a brilliant student but d new school was one of the best, more competition... lot of pressure to b d topper... but i bcam d topper.. but somwher i wasnt happy i felt inferior to othrs.. then col 2 years .. i was a decent gal jst 2-3 friends.. always liked the popular group.. i wished to b 1 of them but i cudnt.. i feel i never got wat i wanted.. but ma breakouts wer not much.. then a med col,,.. hostel life.. i was just fyn wit som new 2 friends.. thoug i used hav breakouts they wer all minor i was pretty enuf ,.. n then a guy in ma lyf.. lyf was grt in d beginnin.. then its all kinda ignoring.. thr was ma worst breakup..non stop.. used all kindaa products..... was out of my pubertal age.. i feel i was stuck up thr wit dis guy who never cared d way i wanted, iwasnt happy i kno,, ... Can this be kinda thing b d cause of ma recurrent skin prob??? any1 wit similar thin.. n sry if u feel its a stupid post.. just wanted to kno:)

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