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Third Week: Fifth Day



Just a quick update on what's been going on with my face. No breakouts have been spotted. I believe I got like one mini pimple and it went away in about a day. The normal redness I usually see on my face due to my acne is slowly starting to fade along with some decade long acne spots. The burning from the BP is almost completely gone. Now all I feel is a slight burn with moisturizer and then it's replaced by a tingling sensation. One thing I'm experiencing right now though is insane dryness. I kind of feel like a snake who's shedding its skin. I'm seriously flakey everywhere on my face. Now when I apply my moisturizer almost all of this dryness is gone and is no longer visible but it lets me know that it's there every time I wash my face at night and in the morning.

Also a little side note: I'm not quite sure if this is important but I have been noticing that occasionally when my BP does burn after it's applied my face will get majorly red and this normally only happened in the morning. I wasn't concerned about it over the summer due to the fact that I was only going to work and by the time I actually got there it was already fading. Well with school starting I decided that I didn't really like the idea of going to school with my face as red as a tomato. So I am currently doing what I started doing for my first week and that is doing the BP only at night and just cleansing and washing my face in the morning. It has actually been working quite well for me and my results still seem to be the same as people who use BP twice a day. I also realized that I think my face only burned because I used the BP twice a day and my face was just not happy about that. So I'm doing what works for me and I'm loving every single second of it. I can finally look in a mirror and not constantly critique every little pimple and blackhead present due to the fact that there barely is any!


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