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I'm 2/3 of the way done with the Regimen! I can't believe how much time has gone by, and I also can't believe how much better my face is. My acne seems to be 90% under control, which is so exciting for me. I really never thought this would happen, and it's such an amazing feeling! I can't believe all of the stress and time I put into this is starting to show such incredible results! Serious props to Dan.

Of course, I'm still breaking out, but it feels a lot more normal. I might get a pimple or two here and there, but they go away within 1-2 days or are removed completely with a gentle squeeze. I noticed I'm also getting more pimples where I used to before my acne became problematic (i.e. hairline, nostril, etc.). Could be the birth control stopping the cheek acne, but I know I owe most of this progress to the Regimen.

I also still have a ton of hyperpigmentation, which is pretty much all you'll see in these photos. I promise that it doesn't look as intensely red in reality...the AHA has actually been doing wonders on my red marks! They've lightened up a lot.

Another thing worth mentioning is that my face is still pretty dry and flaky, but the AHA and jojoba seem to be keeping it manageable...at least, I can wear makeup over it without looking like a scaly, orange creature. I expect this to even out over the next month, we'll see! :)

For all of those just starting the Regimen or who are losing hope, please stick with it. I haven't felt this good about my skin in ages, and you'll feel the same way too!! :D Woohoo!


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Squeezing pimples spreads the infection under the skin. It burst the cell walls of the pores and bacterium find their way into the surrounding tissue. Picking can also lead to scarring. I also think you could benefit greatly from amoxicillin or cephalexin. Before shutting out antibiotics, consider this, antibiotics reduced my breakouts completely. I never "breakout" anymore. I get one pimple every 5 months. And I do mean 1. Not two or three, four or five. 1. One lousy pimple in a 5 month period. I also use benzoyl peroxide in the form of benzaclin; which is benzoyl peroxide mixed with fresh clindamycin ( a topical antibiotic). The Regimen is a great system, I am merely suggesting you add to your regimen for greater clarity and peace of mind.

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your skin has improved so much! How often do you use AHA?

Thanks! :D I actually started out using way too much AHA...I was mixing it in with my moisturizer every night, using it on its own 2-3 nights a week, AND using it as a spot treatment in the morning. That ended up over-irritating my skin, so I started to just use it every other night with the moisturizer. I still use it to spot treat. I plan to work my way back up to using it every night. :)

Lucky lol

Hang in there! How far are you into the Regimen?

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So much better, thanks for asking! :) Hyperpigmentation is my main concern now. The antibiotic seems to be taking care of the existing spots nicely and has totally killed that pesky cyst on my jaw.

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