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August 26 - Derm Prescribes New Course Of Accutane, Different Drug 'epuris'



I just wrote a thread, replied to a reply I got on my previous post, so I figured I'd do a quick update on my blog.

The minocycline antibiotics that I was prescribed last month worked. While on them I experienced 0 pimples, so that was nice. The entire time I was on them I kept thinking to myself, 'ugh, is an antibiotic really worth taking if my skin's not doing anything anymore?'

Well it turns out I totally missed that connection, because yes it was worth it! About a week and a half after finishing the antibiotics I got another breakout near my chin again. And then afterwards it happened on the other side. Attached to this post is the most recent picture of my breakouts, I took this picture roughly at the time of writing this post.

My breakouts occur ONLY around that area, and interestingly when I break out on one side it happens on the other, it's a strange pattern.

I saw my derm today who prescribed me 30mg Epuris, which is another form of Accutane. It is Accutane but it's exclusively sold in Canada and according to studies it is better absorbed than Accutane. Cool!

Here is my problem though: a couple months ago (maybe around the same time I started using this new Mane 'n Tail Shampoo after switching from Burt's Bees) I started getting these breakouts. I came across many posts that say that a particular ingredient: sodium lauryl sulfate, may be responsible for breakouts around the chin area as it's commonly found in products that foam like toothpaste and shampoo. Sure enough I have been using a different toothpaste too, so I don't know at this point, acne has a great way of driving you crazy!

I am thinking of switching back to Burt's Bees, it's 100% natural, no SLS BS! It never gave me problems. I am going to discontinue the Mane 'n Tail shampoos and conditioner (I'm so mad: the lady at the store told me it was all natural, what crap!) and see what happens. If I notice another breakout while on Burt's Bees then I will get my Epuris prescription filled and I will take it. I'm just thinking, why put my body through the harshness of Accutane again if it could all just be due to using different personal care products!

I've also been on a huge exercise kick where I've been working out 6 days a week going for nice long jogs during the day. Going on Accutane again would mean I'd have to become a vampire again, which is fine as I'll do anything for clear skin, but if we can avoid this whole ordeal it would be great. Also this year I came across the BEST hair removal method which is sugar waxing. Obviously that would be a no go on Accutane, which again would be fine as it's a small sacrifice in the grand scheme of things, but I'd rather check and confirm first: is it REALLY acne or is it just the bad ingredient in my shampoo that's causing me to break out.

Judging by my picture I am not clear-skinned at the moment obviously, but writing all this out has left me more clear-headed with what I want to do.

Link for more info about Epuris: http://www.newswire.ca/en/story/1192997/cipher-introduces-epuristm-isotretinoin-capsules-in-canadian-market


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I have been on antibiotics for three years straight. My dermatologist has no intention of taking me off of them because they work. I take 1500mg of amoxicillin and 1000mg of cephalexin everyday. I also have zero pimples. I think using that Epuris is also very good too. I don't understand though why some dermatologists only prescribe short courses of antibiotics. Good luck with the Epuris!

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Wow! Is it really okay to be on antibiotics for so long and on such a high dose? I'm really curious about this because it just doesn't seem right. Do you find it has increased yeast infections for you or that you get sick more often as your immune system hasn't been relying on its own fighting power?

I'm keeping a close eye on my face for now and switching to more natural personal care products, particularly shampoo and toothpaste, and see if that makes a difference before jumping on the Epuris. I'm glad the antibiotics worked when I was on them though, I thought I was taking them for no reason, but obviously I was wrong!

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Monpoly (funny name lol smile),

I am glad you asked about possible side effects of taking antibiotics at such a high dose for such a long time.

I have been extremely blessed. No yeast infections and I have generally been in good health. I live in MN so in the winter I get my share of colds, but nothing serious that would require medical attention. Also colds are caused by viruses, not bacteria. I think the fear you are having is that the bacteria in my skin could develop resistance to one or both of the antibiotics I take. The risk is always there but after three years it just hasn't happened. The way my face was before, full of cysts all over my chin and cheeks. Sometimes, like while I was eating lunch with colleagues (I am a lawyer), one of the larger pustules cracked open and dripped puss onto my face. It was tinged a little red also with blood cells. I felt it drip down my chin.I quickly dabbed the area with my cloth napkin. This was before I was prescribed amoxicillin. I haven't looked back since then. And I want you to know that I am taking your questions seriously. As far as the effects on my immune system: I have concluded that my immune system is weak enough for the bacteria to completely colonize the tissue on my face and back. The antibiotics help my ineffective immune system combat the bacteria by preventing it's replication. I need that help. You might also find it interesting to know that I eat almost exclusively organic and vegetarian. I also use some natural acne fighters. For instance, during midday I wash my face and then apply with a cotton round Tea Tree Oil Toner from The Body Shop. Tea tree oil has natural antiseptic properties. I find it fits nicely into my regimen. In the early AM I use tretinoin mixed with clindamycin lotion. Early afternoon I use benzaclin. Late afternoon I apply Tea Tree Oil toner from the body shop. Bedtime, a second application of benzaclin. The instructions that come with the benzaclin state it is to be applied twice daily. So I do that. Best of luck clearing your skin! I hope my explanation was sufficient.

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Sorry I am writing back to you now, a whole 3 months later!! I never ended up going on the Accutane (Epuris) as I concluded that putting my body through the harshness of getting rid of an occasional breakout is not worth it. ..perhaps if the problem gets worse, but it's not.

The breakouts have subsided, I am now thinking that because they're on my chin area it's directly correlated with stress, which is something I have A LOT of! lol

I am glad to be using my all natural haircare products again, I haven't gotten an issue with that.

I am glad to hear you use natural products and that you're vegetarian, I am 99% vegan, in that everything I eat is plant-based, but a couple times a year I might come across food that has dairy or egg in it, whoops. I try my very best to be vegan, dairy and eggs and meat just wreak so much havoc on the body, plus we get to be kind to our animal friends!

I wanted to ask you if you've ever considered just going on Accutane yourself? I know there is a common fear that people's acne will go through an 'initial breakout' where your acne gets worse before it gets better, but that is a myth as everyone is different! I for one never had worse acne, Accutane only improved things, there was never a temporary time when things got worse before they got better.

In the last month or so I have started using COCONUT OIL on my face, look into this! Antifungal, antibacterial, amazing fats to preserve youthful looking skin, it doesn't clog pores, I say give this a try! I have been liking this a lot and personally being in a cold climate it really does give you a tremendous amount of moisture during winter when the indoors and outside can be particularly drying.

I should do another blog post! I actually went on something called a 'candida' cleanse for about 3-4 weeks in September, it was LIFE CHANGING! No yeast, no sugar, no wheat. I have never been the same person before, I am a million times better and overall have greatly reduced or completely eliminated this stuff from my diet. A lot of people say, "oh I don't eat that much sugar" (they often think chocolate/candy), but noooo, sugar is in EVERYTHING so the cleanse, while it sounds straightforward and simple, is actually a little tricky because you come to realize that everything more or less contains sugar, whether real or natural. I no longer crave sugary things after meals, not into desserts, stay away from breads, and I'm not even into pizza anymore (this is coming from someone who used to eat pizza weekly). It might be something that might suit you to try, as the intake of antibiotics for a long time allows candida to grow in the body, and candida overgrowth is very harmful (linked to cancer, diabetes, fungal diseases). If you're interested I would be so happy to let you know more about this, I feel like a saleswoman, lol. I felt amazing when I went veggie, but going candida-free is even better, like I didn't know I could feel this much better. And I haven't gotten sick at all during these colder months! Without fail I always get sick at the end of Oct/beginning Nov, since I was a kid I remember getting sick, but my immune system is so much stronger due to less sugar intake and also it might be because I eat a lot of garlic now lol.

Anyway, see if you can go on Accutane and just be done with the long-term antibiotics course...I think that's a better thing to do personally, I would just do three months of Accutane, taper off of it and see where to go from there. Also tea tree oil! I use that too but have never really found a difference....I have a Burt's Bees roller stick with tea tree oil in it, but I'm paranoid about using it on breakouts because I think well what if it just makes things worse because wouldn't the roller ball just be spreading the pimple's bacteria to other spots on my skin? I don't know...I'm sure you can relate as acne has a wonderful way of making us extremely paranoid about all these little things lol.

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