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Day 220 Of Accutane! Finally Done!

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So I went to the dermatologist today and surprisingly my derm left so I now have a new one! I actually really like her! She's really friendly and positive sounding! So anyway she looked at my face and told me I could finally be done with accutane after taking it for a long 7 months! My skin isn't completely clear but its 99.9% better than it ever was before! They also told me to come back in a month so I can get a cyst removed that I have on the back of my neck. They also said to come back if I have any more breakouts that don't go away. A few posts ago I mentioned that I had a ton of hair falling out so basically they told me to take biotin ( i am already) and prenatal vitamins , which I'm super on edge about because I've heard that your not suppose to take them unless your actually pregnant or trying to get pregnant. So yeah that's it!

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