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Week 9



Hey, so week nine of Dianette and week 8 of Differin. Still having ups and downs with my skin but now It's much more about the red marks and worrying about scaring. I'm trying to stay hopeful that once the red marks fade and my skin isn't fighting the acne then It will heal, I can already notice a big difference in the texture, much smoother and with my make up you can't see the marks unless you were up close, but there is always room for improvement and since I'm only really at the month 2 mark, I'm please with where I am. I think I maybe did expect miracles, but when I look at how far I have come, there really has been a difference. On Sunday I went out and for the first time in ages looked at my face and thought that I looked nice, it was a great feeling. I just need to stay positive through the hard moments where I think my skin will never be 'perfect'. I think when you have had acne you always see flaw that others don't.

Have started using a gentle lactic acid milk cleanser. I was worried about irritation, but it feels really gentle on my skin and it doesn't lather like soap, it's from Priori and it seems really well formulated. I'll see how I get on with it, but it leaves my skin feeling clean and not dry and I read that Lactic acid is much more gentle that glycolic and can help the skin retain moisture.

Differin is still not causing any irritation, and the better my texture gets the nicer it feels to apply to my skin. I think it will always be part of my routine, I have heard great reports once people pass the three month mark of things just getting better, and with the hormone balance from the dianette I am hopeful. I am still taking two spoonful's of cod liver oil and a multi vitamin, so quite high daily dose of vitamin A, although nothing near dangerous limits....maybe this is also making a difference?

Anyway that is where I am now. I am honestly my own worst critic. A month ago I could barely put makeup on my skin and now I can feel how smooth it is and make up is helping me cover up during the day. I need to believe in the power of positive thinking and be grateful for what I have.

I hope you are all doing well on your journey and hopeful soon I can report back good news on the red marks :)...oh and on the active spot front, I have that clogged pore that turned into a bit of a cyst although under the skin so you couldn't really see it and now it is going down, and a few small whiteheads on my chin, which are from those closed comedones, so if they are coming to the surface and leaving then I am happy. Chin is clearing up well.



Thats great. Differin is awesome. I used it 10 years ago when it was new. Now I use tretinoin for my retinoid. Thats generic Retin-A. Your dark marks should fade over time. Good luck!

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Thank you, I just have no patience with them. But even over the last week I have noticed they have went down again. I think when you look every day you never see a difference.

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