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Why Am I Still Getting Acne?

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Liam Foster


So for many people who have followed my journey these past 2 years on this page, know that i have had severe acne for about 3 years now. And to no avail, whatever i have tried, hasnt worked. That was until i tried trimethropin which is just a bit milder than accutane, and with less side effects, and man did it clear up my painful acne! Im still left with horrible red scars all over my face which still upsets me. However; as of just recently iv'e been having a lot of flare ups, from out of nowhere, as per usual. Iv'e been eating ok, havent eaten gluten in ages, dont have too much dairy, so why the sudden flare ups out of nowhere? There is defo something wrong with me on the inside. Like Trimethropin took most of the acne away, but what is causing the other acne to form? There must be something causing it, something inside my body isnt right, and i just cant put my finger on it!! Its so annoying, and depressing; just when you think youre on the road to recovery, you just keep getting shot back down. Been like this for 3 whole years now!!! Is there any end in sight!? Please!

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caveman regimen.. i think thats d best.. in btw thot its bad.. but it had helped me a lot ... so gonna giv a try again.. u too giv a try... hope it helps

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Caveman is a ridiculous regimen. The "caveman" does not wash his face or use any acne medications. You basically just let water hit your face while you shower. The results of "caveman" are always disastrous.

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complete caveman is bad.... i agree,... caveman wit a bit of modification works.... use cetaphil when u feeel oily o dirrty.. nothing else... ....

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