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Lerosett Day 10



Well I'm back at school. I was really nervous about having to use the public bathrooms and having my face exposed. Luckily there was only one girl in there when I went to take a shower and she didn't look at me funny. I met three freshman today while I was out having a smoke and they were absolutely gorgeous. I was so jealous. But maybe soon I'll look like them once my scars heal. Maybe then I'll feel comfortable being their friend, even if it is weird since I'm a junior. But up until now I haven't made friends because I was always afraid to leave the room due to acne. I only have one active pimple at the moment and it isn't red so it isn't all that noticeable. Plus, it's close to my eyebrow so it's pretty much covered up. The rest is just scars. Horrible ugly scars. I hope they heal soon. If I don't look in the mirror, my skin feels so nice! No more bumps! But when I have to look in the mirror, it looks like there might as well have been no change. I'm still all red and splotchy everywhere except my forehead and nose. I used to put Mederma on my scars to make them heal faster and that seemed to work in the past so I might go back to it.

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I know how u feel sometimes my skin can have no acne but the stupid scars make my skin look so bad.

my scars are dark guess is because im olive skin . some people scar red from their acne I scar darker ..

hate it . I did microdermabrasion it helped some but did not made them go all away.. I am using silicone sheets from scaraway. bought them at walgreens they seem to be working so far ..

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