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I need to pick up some vitamins after this Candida cleanse that I'm on. :\ It sucks that everything is trial and error and that my skin seems to be so sensitive to so very many ingredients! It can be discouraging, that's a fact!

I plan on stopping at Walgreen's to get these few things, which I will review in a week or two..

1- PanOxyl acne wash

2- Vitamin D

3- Zinc Gluconate

As well as take my existing Women's Multivitamin, L-Lysine, and Biotin.

If anyone reading this has ANY experience with or knowledge about vitamins I would love to hear your input! smile.png

x x Stephanie


Whenever I start taking biotin it seems to break me out for the first month but then after that I'm usually fine!

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be carefull with biotin . it can actually make ur acne worst . I bought a vitamin for skin and hair that had biotin

and made my skin go crazy.. I did not know why it was getting worst until I noticed the main ingredient was biotin. did some research and noticed a lot of people broke out because of it. there was a girl also on you tube that talked about how biotin was bad for acne..

the vitamins im taking now are alpha lipoic acid , saw palmetto and a probiotic acidophilus .. made my skin better not completely cleared but better is always a start ..

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I've decided not to try that PanOxyl stuff, and rather ordered a two-week trial of Paula's Choice Regular Strength Acne Line and can't wait to receive and try it!!

Thank you for telling me about the Biotin.. I take it on and off and it may be contributing to my less than perfect skin!!

I also plan on trying a milk bath tonight for the rest of my skin! I've heard great things for lactic acid for exfoliating us sensitive skin folk!

Have you guys ever tried Vitamin D3, Zinc, or Omega-3 Fish Oil?

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