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Day 45

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About two days ago I introduced my skin to the AHA product. I didn't add too much to the moisturizer but it was enough for a wake up call. My facewas on fiiiiyyaahhh! Stung so bad lol. But I woke up with my inflamed pimples going down & somewhat of a clearer complexion. I'm trying a pea size every other night to help my skin adkust to this product and so far it's going ok! I've noticed mornings after I wake up from using this, my acne scars are flaking off! Yippie!

Haha as far as my break outs.. There still there, ones onmy chin are scaring & drying up.its just the right side of my face that's my main concern right now. Hopefully by month three ill be clearing even more! Don't give up guys, cuz I know I've wanted too sooo bad! Hope u guys have a good day. Attached are photos I took today after let the moisturizer dry :)

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