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Because Life Isn't Fair



I don't know. I don't know what happened. My face was so clear. Now, I have five zits that really are bothering me. I don't get it. Accutane was supposed to rid me of this disease. And I'm nearing the last week of treatment and my skin hasn't looked this tragic since April. I don't know.

I want to be done with this drug. I truly do. It's not good for me to have this harmful Accutane in my body for seven months. It disrupts my system. Humans aren't meant to take these kind of harsh treatments. But, we do. Because we'll do anything.

I came across a holistic website the other day called "Acne No More." And I'm going to give it a shot. It explains the importance of vitamins, natural ingredients, detoxing, and pure skincare products. I think this is what I need. I need to take control over me... over what food I eat that determines my acne... over what face wash I use that strips my skin...

The author of "Acne No More" states that it might be helpful to start a list of all the reasons why clear skin is important and why we want it so badly...

1. To put on make-up to actually enhance features and not cover them up.

2. To take pictures in bright light

3. To look in mirrors in bright light

4. To have a boy touch your cheek and not be worried about them running their hand over a zit

5. To not wear make-up while swimming

6. To live freely

7. To feel beautiful

I could go on and on. I don't know. I'm out of words now.


Some people break out towards the end of their courses and even right after, it's not unheard of. It should clear up and stay clear once it passes, don't panic just yet. Cleaning up your diet is always a good idea for a number of reasons but don't go crazy thinking everything is gonna make you break out. Good luck with the rst of your course, you'll feel better once it's out of your system.

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Our courses are almost exactly the same! I remember we started at the same time and I just ended today, so we've been on this journey together for 7 months haha. I also had a small breakout last week but now it's cleared up! Honestly I spot treat with hand sanitizer and it drys them right up and then I put aquaphor on them so they heal faster. My pimples are gone within days! Definitely so relieved to be done with my course! I will also be looking at that website!

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Hey girly! You're so lucky you are all clear! My skin just started to FREAK out trying a new cleanser for the "Acne No More". So I'm going back to what I know...

Biore Cleanser

Dermadoctor spot treatment

The rest of my Accutane

And fish oil supplements

I'm scheduling an appointment with my dermo soon to talk about the breakouts. I also want to do some chemical peels.

Is this process EVER going to END???

Much love!

Tim714-- I pray to God you are right haha thank you for your words :)

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