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Early Period .. Accutane ?

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Ive been on accutane for two weeks now ....

I am not due for my period for another ten days atleast ... and I got it today ... I guess its cuz of the accutane there is no other explaination for it !

I read posts about girls experiencing this but it goes right back to normal on stopping accutane .. so im not very worried ... if anybody else have any experiences please do share :)

Besides that I got three new pus wells :D I decided not to pop them just as yet .

Im continuing my steaming ... hopefully it takes care of the pus filled ones. :)

Ive decided to add a little tea tree oil to my steam water ..cuz it has antibacterial and antifungal properties .

And after over a month of no chocolate I caved in and ate a pack of oreos yesterday .. I found that I dont regret it ... they were very delicious ... :P but no more :D

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