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Day 14



O is seriously freaking me out , in a good way of course! I had pizza with lots of cheeeese milk and cranberry juice and this morning my skin is as soft as EVER. I was washing my face and felt like I was touching a baby's butt!! LOL! I cannot remember last time my skin has felt so soft. I mean after 9 year dealing with acne its pretty easy to get used to the feel of those bumps and pimples . Still working on my post acne marks ,I really can't wait for those to fade. Meanwhile I bought some jojoba and let me tell you this oil is GREAT!!! I don't mix it with anything just slap it on my face and wash it off with a hot towel. It's not "oily" at all and its a great moisturizer.

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I also forgot to add something , I noticed that I the small bumps on my forehead were hair follicle. I could clearly see the hair coming out so the pores weren't exactly closed. I decided to use Nair to get the hair out and allow my products to penetrate deeper and it works!!! I use Nair for face and used it on my forehead cheeks chin and upper lip. I gave me a great deal of exfoliation.

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