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Third Week: First Day



I have finally started my third week and I am very pleased with all the results I have gotten so far. I seriously don't think my face has ever looked better in years. There are still some blemishes and junk but they're on their way out the door and I am not at all sorry to see them go. The one thing I noticed is that it seems like the burning from the BP and moisturizer has started to subside in intensity and time. It goes away after about 4-5 minutes now instead of about 30. The one thing that has actually increased would be the insane dryness of my face. I swear if I keep shedding like I am now, I'm not going to have any skin left on my face when this is all over. I'm aware that dryness is obviously supposed to happen but I didn't quite know exactly how much they were talking about until I started experiencing it. The only thing to do now is to keep pushing forward and hope that everything settles down very quickly. (: