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Hey everyone! It's been about 3 years since my last post and I must say my face is looking way better! I get small breakouts here and there but I haven't had any full blown painful as hell clusters in ages! I mostly owe that too being very strict with my face cleaning habits and the products I use. Sadly I still haven't found the perfect face wash, toner and moisturizer system but I make do with the random ones I purchase. I use the Mia 2 now and it really helps get every bit of makeup off my face! And I have been using 5% benzoyl peroxide every night for a week now. I noticed when I use the benzoyl peroxide everyday after about 3 weeks my skin finishes peeling and the redness somewhat a subsides. I was on a roll till I ran out.....and just never remembered to pick up more. Now it is just readjusting to my skin and it's still peeling after a weeks use. Can't complain since I have not one active pimple on my face!!! Once I get my skin used to the BP I will be going for my first ever microdermabrasion! And then hopefully find a serum that will help with the redness since that seems to be the next biggest problem. I am doing a skin vlog series on my YouTube channel, I find filming me jibber jabber about my skin takes much less time then it does to make an actual blog on it! (With two kids every seconds spared is a blessing!) if you want to follow along with my little skin journey feel free to subscribe at www.youtube.com/kplunky Let me know if you are on the healing path! I am so relieved that the worst might just be over :) *fingers crossed*

Currently Using

Wash: clairasonic gentle wash (sample, almost out so trying to find a new one....any suggestions?)

Toner: Clinique Step 2 Toner for oily skin

Moisturizer: Cetaphil


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I too beat my acne. I have been clear for two entire years. I use BP also in the form of benzaclin. Benzaclin is benzoyl peroxide mixed with clindamycin solution. I also use topical tretinoin. I also take amoxicillin and cephalexin daily. It feels so good to wash my face and feel all that smooth skin. I feel really lucky considering how bad my acne used to be.

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Two year!? Congrats! I can only hope! My skin still has that "large pore texture" and will forever be oily :P is Amoxicillin and cephalexin over the counter? @amoxilworx

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