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Lerosett Day 6



I made a mistake by popping so many of my pimples. The Lerosett was working but it seems I broke out again. I'm hoping the damage isn't too bad. My left cheek is doing a lot better. There is still one stubborn pimple resisting treatment though. My left jawline was a lot better yesterday but I broke out there again and popped 2 pimples that were forming. It shouldn't scar because there was plenty of white but I'm afraid the infection may spread. My scars are still very evident. My right jawline is about the same as yesterday but I think most of the swelling has dissipated. It's getting better. My forehead is still clear. The two zits I had on my nose are clearing up but I have really dry skin there at the moment so it's still a little red. The one on my lip is still there but not as red. It's really dry though. I'm about a week in. Only a week to go hopefully until I have clear skin. By then, I'm hoping all I'll have to worry about is the scars.

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Once again, I am cautioning you against popping pimples. I read somewhere that rupturing a lesion can allow the bacteria to expand its range. You may actually spread the bacteria to more pores. Also, Lerosett doesn't have any antibacterial ingredients and it is mega expensive. I suggest you see a dermatologist and get on some amoxicillin and cephalexin. Tretinoin helps by unclogging pores. Benzaclin delivers oxygen to the pore killing the resident bacteria. It also prevents the bacteria from reproducing with the clindamycin component.

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