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Day 21



Ugh. I really thought I was going to be one of the lucky few who never has to endure the initial purge/breakout... but I was wrong. Way wrong. My jawline looks like a war zone and it sucks. On the other hand, it is the only place that I am breaking out... so I AM grateful for that. I am also grateful for acne.org. It is a blessing to have a place to turn to when I am having a bad skin day and need some words of wisdom, encouragement, etc. I read all of these amazing stories of other acne sufferers who have finally found what works to clear their skin and I just know one day that is going to be me. Until then, its nice to be able to chat with people who know exactly how I feel and what I go through emotionally on a day-to-day basis. Acne is so draining.

So, for now I am going to 'just keep swimming' and following DKR as intended. Hugs to everyone else who had a bad skin day, too.