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I did a lot of research on dapsone ...as it is unusual to prescribe dapsone for acne it is mainly used for leprosy . I spent the last two hours studying it ... and my study concludes that its not as usefull as the tane !!

It has serious side effects. Also it is used to treat only acne fulminans which is a severe form of nodular cystic acne which comes along with musculoskeletal pain .

So all in all I have decided to not take the dapsone at all and continue with the tane .


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wise choice based on observations and information. I never tried accutane because my acne is easily controlled through the use of topicals and antibiotics. I have been curious about dapsone since it is new on the scene for acne as far as I know. Hmm leprosy? Interesante'. *smile* Good luck with the tane! Peace!

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accutane didn't work for me, in fact made things worse...but I am a rarity, sadly for me

so I did try dapsone, initially I cleared but not much after that and I ended up stopping it

finally cleared the cystic acne by quitting dairy and gluten- hard to do but worked for me, 90% of the cysts stopped, still get one from time to time

good luck to you, accutane really does work for most

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