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Day 1 After Peel



So I caked on a lot of the steroid cream on my face since yesterday...

It was burning so so so bad I couldnt apply even a teensie bit of water on my face cuz it used to burn .....

So I was like really depressed yesterday. My friend did try to cheer me up and it kinda worked * weak smile*

I went to bed woke up in the middle of the night and lay awake for four hours straight .. hope that doesnt break me out...

Today morning I washed my face with plain water first ( the derm gave me a special soap to wash it with but I thought it would burn like crazy so I only tried water )

It did burn but not as much it was very very less compared to yesterday gives me hope :)

And there was absolutely no redness I used the soap too and then caked on more cream ... the cream is very soothing and helps a lot ..

I noticed that my skin is uper smooth and is literally glowing ( the parts without the pimples and pigmentation ofcourse) im yet to notice any difference in my pigmentation tho but my derm said it may take upto a week to notice any difference .

She said it takes typically upto 6-7 peels to completely get rid of all the scars and pigmentation. Will I do it again ?? I guess yes cuz its choosing between physical pain and emotional pain and well I choose falwless skin anyday ! No pain no gain right ?

She also put me off the isotretinoin and has given me dapsone for 15 days (100mg) to comtrol the infection she says as im keeping on getting new pimples ..

I found it odd but ima do as she says .

Cuz I kmow a couple of people who completed their course of the peels and the drugs and have flawless skin (im a little jealous )

In a better mood :) although im gonna skip vollege today as I cant go in looking like I bathed in

Hoping for the best :)