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Black Tea



I always knew tea was a better option then coffee when it comes to your skin which is why you will find me drinking it in the afternoon vs. my age old habit of filling my coffee mug at the two o'clock hour. However, now I am reading about so many other benefits to it that I am really excited to try. Simple... yet so low cost!

Check out this link that has many of the benefits all grouped together! I would suggest go for organic to get the most of the benefits!

I have done the face compresses which are very soothing... Anyone try the tea bath? That is something I will be adding to my to do list this week!

Even Webmd had some great things to say about black & green tea... I have new appreciation for my tea that is for sure and suddenly coffee is becoming less tempting... well almost lol!

I love all this research I have been doing... it is as if my 'road to clear skin' is also making my home be a little more 'spa' like. And why not? With all the stress we all face daily... it is so healthy for us to slow down for a bit and take care of ourselves!

Hope you are all doing well!