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Day 13 - Slight Hiccup :( Still Going... Question!

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Day 13 and overall things have been great.

Yesterday however, I messed with a cystic pimple on my left cheek. Not a proud moment of mine. I need to learn to be more patient. Thankfully, I stopped sooner then I usually do. I tried to remedy my mistake with a Honey mask (with cinnamon) and I managed to leave it on for 30 minutes. This morning it came to a head but it is red and scabbed now. (i know it could have been worse had I messed with it more)

HOWEVER!!!! This morning my hubby commented on how my skin is looking good and he can tell it is clearing up. This revived my determination to follow the regime - Going almost two weeks without messing with my face was very good for my skin. Seriously, I never thought of myself as picking at my skin much until I started the Regimen and was being watchful of my hands. Unconsciously, I learned, I touch it a lot. huh.png

So this time My goal it to go a whole month without touching my face! Realistically, I want to continue after that but short term goals help me to reach long term. shifty.gif <- determined

Also... small bumps... not pimples but bumps have been coming up on my cheeks. Anyone know what these are? This morning they were gone (i think the honey mask helped with those) But just yesterday there was like twenty- tiny, small, hard bumps (not really noticeable until you look closely) on my cheeks. Is this my skin purging? I hope they dissipate in time. eusa_think.gif

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You are on the Regimen from Dan Kern? Try adding an antibiotic like amoxil or keflex...helps a lot..

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