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The fight

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Today has been really really bad for me ...

I woke up with two new fat pimples on my left cheek . I told myself not to look and think about them .

Visited my derm today to renew my prescription .. she told me that shell do a peel for me today.. the peel takes care of al the scars and prevents new pimples ..

I said allright . .. so she did the peel and it was a horrible horrible experience. ..

It started with burning .. like my face was on fire and then when she told me to wash I felt my skin burning and it had bevome so so dry from all the accutane use.

Then she applied steroid cream on my face .. I came home and looked in the mirror... my whole face is red and its burning so soo horribly ...

Ive been crying ever since ... Ive done this peel before but never before did it hurt so bad and my skin never became so red before .. my derm told me to ice my face and then apply steroid ... I just hope im not having a reaction to the peel !!

Hope everything is fine :(


I'm so sorry... I know easier said then done - but try to distract your mind from thinking of the worse case senerio. Pull out your favorite movies... grab some ice packs... and just relax. Make it a goal to not even look in the mirror until tomorrow morning.

Wishing you a speedy recovery!

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My face is still burning a bit but the good part is that my redness has gone .. and the pigmentation on my forehead has reduced .. my cheeks not so much difference but she said that it will take upto a week to see difference

Thanx a lot :)

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