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Week 2: 4Th/5Th Day



It has been about 5 days since I last posted because I wanted to wait until I had more stuff to actually report back (I also kind of got lazy XD). Well I have quite a lot of effects and almost no improvements. Firstly I have noticed that the burning when I apply moisturizer and BP (I'm gonna abbreviate it from now on because I'm just too freaking lazy for life) has made a lovely return and it has decided to stay longer than usual so it is very fun when I try to sleep at night when my face is tingling and burning like crazy. As with the redness, it's not as bad as it was last week but it has shown up once or twice when I applied my stuff at night but thankfully I have only dealt with it once during the day. The dryness/flakiness has subsided quite a lot and I'm extremely happy about that.

Now we've come to the problem. I did receive three lovely new pimples on my face. And let's just say....I did a no-no. I looked at it in the mirror and did what my natural instinct told me to do and that was GET THEM OFF MY FREAKING FACE IN ANY WAY POSSIBLE. So yeah, I popped them. Yeah, yeah don't pick at your face. Well I wouldn't have if I would have realized what I was doing before it was too late. But some good news with that: They did all fade without a trace in about two days and no new ones have surfaced. I'm trying to monitor myself at all times so I stop touching and picking at my face so often but I'm still working on it. Unfortunately I have no new clearness to report but hopefully that will change soon. Plus I also have to remind myself that it is only the second week and I can't expect a flawless face right away. d:


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i feel you girl.everytime i check my skin on the mirror i cant control myself but pick those babies (the ready ones). im still on my first week and i also experience burning, flakiness and a bit redness. i wonder is it normal ?

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I've read a bunch of entries where people talk about the redness, burning and dryness so I would assume it's pretty normal. I'm just hoping the effects go away and very soon.

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