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Lerosett Day 4



So at this point, I've been using the Lerosett masks 2x a day, once in the morning and again at night. Then I spot treat over night. My skin is so dry! The left side of my face where there was acne on my cheek is clearing up nicely. Unfortunately, the right side of my face is peeling but since I irritated it so much last week, the pimples on my jawline are coming back and it really hurts. I'm hoping after I continue to spot treat it, it will start to clear up. I'm hoping that like the website says, I only have about 10 more days to go before I am finally clear. If I'm not clear by then I'll continue until I've done it for a month (26 more days). Also, I have never EVER EVER had a pimple on my nose...not even a blackhead. For the first time, this Lerosett made a pimple pop up on my nose. It's really weird! But I guess it's just getting all the impurities being pulled to the surface. Luckily, not much purging going on. Let's hope it lasts.