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Week 8



Hey...so this is into week eight of Dianette and week 7 of Differin. I'm still having moments where I hate my skin, but now it is mostly about red marks and texture, which I'm hoping now my acne is under control (touch wood!) a bit better that these things will improve with time and a little bit of tlc. So that is kinda what I have been working on this week, being a bit more gentle. The first change I made in this respect was to stop spot treating with DUAC, which has BP in it, I don't like BP but sometimes find it ok to spot treat. I've substituted this with Turmeric, I have turmeric capsules from the health store and I open one and mix with a little water to make a paste and apply to the spot, best to do it over night, and you will be left with a slighly yellow tinge, but usually after washing in the morning it's gone or easy to conceal and my the next time you wash you face it is gone completely. Sometime I mix the turmeric with yogurt as it is quite soothing and I read somewhere that the lactic acid in the yogurt is really gentle for light exfoliation, which helps with the redness of the spot. I used this on a cyst I thought I was getting on my chin on Thursday, it was red and really sore and felt deep under my skin...well now it's Monday and that cyst I thought I was getting is now a tiny little painless bump which is pretty much gone, I was quite shocked how quickly and gently this actually worked, usually these cysts hang about for at least a week or more and look really red, hard to cover and sore, so I am pleased with that! I also kept using the turmeric on a cyst I have had on my left cheek for months that kept coming up but I could always feel under the skin...it seemed to calm the redness and swelling down and on Saturday night it came to a head and I was able to burst it without digging at my skin, after I did that I applied the turmeric again and by the morning the area was completely flat and a lot less red by the morning, I am really hopeful that that cyst has gone now! I have also started using a cream cleanser in the evening with a wash cloth to remove make up instead of my clean and clear (although it was still soap free but still needed water to foam up and I use this in the morning). I was using trilogy and now using one with all natural ingredients especially design for acne rosacea by a local company.

Back to my skin in general. Now that cyst on my cheek is on its way out and the one I thought was coming up on my chin is pretty much gone, I have next to no active, nasty spots, I have one on my left cheek, on my cheek bone but it feels like one of those deep clogged pores you get, they usually take ages to come to a head so just using the turmeric at night to tone down redness and just leaving well alone. The under the skin comedones on my chin seem to have gone down again, I'm still getting the odd one that turns into a red spot then a whitehead, but it seems to be one at a time so it is easy enough to deal with. During the week I still thought my skin looked quite red and irritated, next to my nose and on my forehead which is why I am doing the more gentle approach along with my usual regimen. Today things look a lot calmer, I didn't need to use concealor for the redness next to my nose this morning and my forehead looked a lot better in terms on tone.

Still not where I want to be, but happy to say I am moving in the right direction and really feel that I am getting close to being happy with my skin again. I feel now that I am able to relax a bit more and treat my red marks and redness. Make up looks a lot better on as well, and my confidence is coming back slowly bit by bit. I really think that with continued use of differin my skin will only continue to improve as I really seem to have adjusted to it, still a bit of redness but I really think that is more to do with my previous breakouts. I was also tempted to reduce the differin to every other night, now that it has started to kick in, but I think I will save this for my more delicate parts of my face and keep up the nightly applications on my cheeks and chin. Also hoping that the dianette is playing its role in oil reduction and calming everything down from the inside.

So that's where I am at in week 8, and still telling myself that even people on accutane don't see amazing results this quick, so I am happy with my progress and things aren't getting worse so still committed to another month of this regimen, to take me to three months, and if things are still improving then I will continue until six, and hopefully by then things will be looking great. Oh also back to the healthy eating..kind of lol, lots more water, fruit and veg at least. And still taking my cod liver oil and multi vitamin.

Hope you are all doing well, and really anyone who spots treat should really try the turmeric...such a nice change from BP, actually works to stop redness not cause it.

Hope you are all doing well and happy, that's the thing I struggle with is keeping my spirits up but I think I am learning to let time pass a bit more with all this. Time is a healer.


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