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The Regimen; Day 24-26



I am in the process of moving and I'll be uploading a video about my progress on the regimen as soon as chaos become relatively non-existant. I'm eight days away from starting fall term and I think my skin is adjusted to the full amount of bp by now (no, I don't feel as calm as that sentence would have you think). I am getting clearer and clearer every day and since there aren't any "bumps" on my skin anymore (just hyperpigmentation), I can achieve a clear look wearing only concealer. I've been on DKR for barely a month and I am already impressed with the results. I believe that as an acne sufferer, I've become hypersensitive to small changes in my skin and although to people who don't suffer from acne, these differences might seem negligible, I really do know that my skin has improved vastly. It is hard for all of us here to view any treatment without skepticism, especially if we've tried 'everything', but I am optimistic about this. It's not just that 'high' period you get from trying something new and having that initial 'faith'- The optimism comes directly from the observations I've seen in the condition of my skin.

I am still waiting for my jojoba oil and AHA. As I've explained before, I've been using coconut oil since running out of jojoba oil, but my plan is to go back to the jojoba because science says it's the best you can use for facial skin, as it mimicks the sebum we produce naturally. There is no such research saying coconut oil is its equivalent, I just use it because I like it and I'm stubborn and more often than I'd like, I read studies selectively. Anywho. There's no way I'll run out of jojoba oil this time as the bottle is 8oz and in oil life that's like- immortality.


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