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What Is This On My Jawline?!help




I havent posted for the longest time. I think my last post was 2010 announcing that Dan's regimen worked for me and I was clear. Well obviously not anymore! cry.gif

I was completely clear from when I started the regimen last august 2010 but then started to have MINOR breakouts from august 2012 until june 2013.It could probably be that my skin was getting used to the BP because I was always clear but that August 2012 i just kept getting small pimples here and there.but I wasn't too worried because I also had clear days.

Now what happened to me on June 20 was a different matter. It is weird! (for me atleast!) I went on with my usual day. 2 products that were new to me that day were : Vitamin E facial wash (body shop), vitamin e moisturizer (body shop) , vitamin e serum (body shop) and Argan oil for my hair from Superdrug (I live in UK). So i used all of these with my usual BP. went out and played badminton with my friends.I was really sweating on the game. we all went for lunch right after.sweat could have dried up because I didnt change my top.

After the game my friend told me my neck was really really red.It wasnt disturbing me nor was it itchy.So I didnt mind. At night was a different story. My neck and jawline area was BURNING and it was so ITCHY and RED!eusa_wall.gif .and my friend told me she saw rashes forming already with bumps. I got scared. but i left it to the next day.next day went to work and it was burning and burning and was just so itchy. at night i put some hydrocortisone cream only on the middle of the neck and not my jawline because it was really red.Redness was gone in the morning. thought it was ok. i ddnt put no more steroid.I carried on.I stopped all the vitamin e but i carried on with the argan oil because i ddnt make the connection that it could be the culprit. well as the days passed by my jawline was still really really itchy and i could see the bumps already. all red.VEry grainy. AND CONSTANTLY ITCHY!!!

i would say.this isnt definitely acne. I know what acne is.yes it can itch a little bit.BUT NOT THIS KIND OF ITCHY!!I cant literally sleep at night with the itch! it is more concentrated on my left jaw! i have been using the argan oil still until 4 days ago. and when i put my hair down.hair is always on the left side. I dont know what to put in it. Ive just been putting Cetaphil restoderm on it because it calms the itching.I have been taking antihistamine tablets. i wash my face with purpose gentle cleanser. it is better after a shower.it stops itching.but as you progress through the night.it just gets worse! it was just concentrated in my jawline but as you can see it is also spreading in my left temple.wacko.png . i have really oily skin though.

I am here because I need help.I need advice. I went to my Gp who downright told me she doesnt know what it is.Looks like acne but isnt acne. prescribed me with flucloxacillin 500 4x a day because she thinks it is infected. I AM MOSTLY SAD AND DEPRESSED because I am getting married in 6 months.=( i am stressed enough with the upcoming wedding.i am so scared this wont heal. so acne.org is my last resort. I could do with your help guys.

Thank you for listening to my rants! =)


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quick question but did this ever happen before you started using the "Vitamin E facial wash (body shop), vitamin e moisturizer (body shop) , vitamin e serum (body shop) and Argan oil"???

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nope!jawline was completely clear! i have a FEW acne.like 7 small actives and that was it! nothing compared to this.how can this happen overnight? did someone get an experience such as this? thanks Taytayy!

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its looks a little bit like a heat rash or maybe an allergic reaction, I know BP makes my jaw line and neck really red even when I only used it on my cheeks it seems to make my neck really sensitive, I've not used it for months and my neck and jawline still get red when I get too hot, I think the BP made my skin too sensitive. I do think thought yours looks like a heat rash maybe a combination of sweating when you were playing sports and it mixing with the BP? Maybe keep up with the hydrocortisone sparingly at night? I use turmeric and yogurt mask to help with redness and when my it flares up, not sure if it will help, but try not to worry it really does look like a reaction and not acne, try and not use anything too harsh on it or you could make It worse, be gentle your skin just might be over sensitive the now.

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thank u so much. i did see Sharon Oh's video. thank you all for your replies. it is still here.when you try to touch it.you will get sort of a white thing on top of it. it feels like sandpaper. thats how it feels like. it doesnt look like sharon's eczema though. but it could be another type of eczema. i just dont know if i should keep it dry. or keep it moisturized. since i dont know what it is. =(

Thank you for all your replies. i will keep an update.just in case i might help others out there.


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