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Day 37



So yesterday I purchased the "big" kit from the acne.org website that includes the AHA. I'm nervous & excited at the same time.. My skin at the moment is flaking a lot around my mouth area. I have a feeling it's due to the increase in BP. I was using about 3/4 of a finger in length for about 3 weeks? So I've decided maybe I should bump it up a notch to a full finger.. I've noticed at when I wake up in the morning my skin looks better than it does throughout the day. Like it seems once I wake up my skin wakes up & decides to act up :( it's so unfair ....

I tried wearing makeup yesterday mixed with jojoba & sunscreen .. It looked Ok but felt to uncomfortable & gross. So ill be holding off on that for a while... My skin needs to hurry up & clear cuz all I get are comments from family telling me I'm breaking out & my skin looks bad (real supportive right?) then I barricade myself in my room analyzing my face wanting to scratch the $&&/& out of it. Oh & the BP is starting to irritate my neck & drying the hell out of it. Has this happen to anyone?? I think it's because I get these pimples around the outline of my jaw & maybe it slips down to my neck? Idk? Or maybe when I moisturize my face & go to my neck & it has BP on it?? Idk. All I know my skin is cryiinnnnnn.. Help lol


I have been through the dryness phase. I use benzaclin twice daily as directed...it includes benzoyl peroxide 5% strength mixed with fresh 1% strength clindamycin. When I first started my skin was so dry it was rough to the touch. My neck also dried out and was red and patchy. It took a good 3 months before my skin would exfoliate and come smooth. BP definitely works and the side effects will subside if you stick it out. Good luck!

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