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DKR Journey

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Day 17



Well, life on DKR is good. For the first time in a very long time, the skin on the center of my forward is perfectly smooth and poreless (which is the obvious goal for the rest of my face... eventually, right?). I am still not having any issues with dryness, flakiness or burning - THANKS VG! I am not getting any new blemishes, except on the left side of my jawline. Its always been my biggest problem area, so it's not really surprising that it still is. Closed comedones how I hate you! Really, a few of them have disappeared, but there are several (side of forehead, cheeks and at the corner of my mouth) that haven't disappeared and I would even say have gotten slightly bigger. Are they finally coming to a head? I don't know. I am dying to start Dan's AHA because I've heard it will take care of this problem, but I have another week or two to wait. Other than that, I have actually been leaving the house without foundation on, which I haven't done in years. I have also worn my glasses in the bathroom, which is something I swore off years ago because I would rather be in denial about the poor state of my skin. These are both HUGE steps for me and encourgement that I am doing the right thing and may actually have clear skin by my 30th birthday (December).

I was at the doctor the other day and the nurse that saw me had the most beautiful blemish-free poreless skin I have ever seen. I, of course, complimented her on it and asked what she does to maintain such great skin. She said she thinks it is partially genetics, but also that she doesn't put any "gunk" on her face. She told me that her mother always told her to never let foundation touch her face and she would always have flawless skin. She said the couple of times that she wore makeup for special events (her wedding, etc), she broke out within a week or two. She always said she never touches her face without clean hands, drinks lots of water and stays away from putting scented anything on her face. All of this I have heard before and all of it makes perfect sense. I would love to be a foundation-free kinda girl. I only started wearing foundation to hide blemishes, but I am sure it has caused a lot of the problems I've had over the years. Even though I buy the best-of-the best when it comes to foundations for acne prone skin, it still can't be good to slather it on your face day after day.

Now that my skin is finally starting to clear, I am starting to think about scarring. I have quite a bit on my cheeks for my accutane days. It's depressing, but kind of exiciting as well. I always told myself I would worry about scarring when my skin was finally clear and I've never come close to even being remotely clear before, so exciting to start thinking about/researching.

Well, I guess that is it for now. I keep saying I am going to post more pictures and hopefully I actually will this time.


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