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Steaming <3



So I started steamimg my face two days back

Its so so so awesome .... I recommend everyone to try it .

I steam for around 20 minutes everyday ... steam the whole face evenly .

I feel that my pimples have reduced in size considerably.

On my first day I had more than a couple of pus filled ones .. which burst on their own after steaming ... and right now I have no pus filled pimples

After steaming i very lightly dab my face with a tissue .

And then inspect in the mirror for any pimples that may have burst... if yes I squeeze out all the pus very very gently and leave it and let my face dry on its own .

Feels amazing after steaming ..

Its just been two days of steaming and my skin has improved althoigh i am taking tane ( day 4) so I dunno if the improvement is because if the tane or the steaming.. but I feel great after steaming so ima continue..