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Day 15...



Not a massive amount of change in the past few days. I have had a few whiteheads pop up. The spots I do get are small and dont hang around for long. Since starting the regimen I have not had any painful big ones which is a plus sign.

I think I am getting my dryness under control, and I have gone back to using the acne.org moisturiser which is working fine for me now. I dont know if the boots one helped with the dryness or if I am slowly moving past that stage???

My skin still feels tight.. I went out for the whole day tody and had to keep reapplying moisturiser and you could see some flakeyness and my skin felt SO dry.

I kept looking in the mirrors at my skin.. I think I am becoming more and more obsessed but I noticed that my skin is flattening out a lot..

You can still see all of my acne scars and discolouration.

I have ordered some 10% AHA but am a little bit scared to use it!!!

(My pictures are upside down woops.. but cant be bothered to upload again...)


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I have been clear for 3 years and my skin obsession is as strong as ever. I want my face to be "perfect" without make-up. I spend about 10 minutes a day staring at my face in different lights and studying photos of my face looking for imperfections. They don't show easily in photos but I do have some scarring. Most of it permanent, but at least the breakouts are over. Just be happy your skin is smooth and enjoy that as much as you can. Hyperpigmentation does fade over a period of years. Good luck!

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Looking good. I just ordered my AHA and cannot wait to try it! I've said it over and over again in my blog, but give vegetable glycerin a try. I add it to my moisterizer and I have had no problems with dryness, flakiness or burning. Good stuff.

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