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I've decided that I'm going to take about a week off any sweat-inducing activities. I kinda need the rest anyways. I've been feeling rather burnt out lately.

I was ultra careful in applying BP to my skin today. Nothing new to report on, except that I've realised I need to give it time. If I can keep my skin in this calm, non-inflamed condition without experiencing new breakouts, the BP should do its job and things should clear up. After that I can worry about scars.

Anyway, I thought I'd share some more info on my situation. I've had digestive problems ever since taking Erythromycin a few years ago. Whatever happened, it seems as though I developed food intolerances as a result. About 3 weeks ago I cut gluten out of my diet. Literally, overnight, my digestion fixed itself. I also felt much better energy levels. After about 2 weeks, things started worsening again. Then I read that dairy intolerances can be masked by gluten intolerances, and may not show themselves until gluten is removed. So now I've cut out dairy as well, and things are improving again. It's quite a big change, but I'm handling it well so far. It was only until a few days ago that I realised if it wasn't for eating fish/chicken, my diet would basically be vegetarian/vegan!?


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