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Day 35



So today is day 35 and my skin is BEYOND irritated. It's red, it's dry, it itches, it's tight and looks like it hurts. I'm really second guessing myself on this & wonder if I should just stop messing with my skin. I want to wear makeup so bad but feel its not even worth it. When I sweat, it stings. My eyes hurt & are constantly dry due to the BP. My lips are starting to chap BAD and I HATE the feeling of chapped lips. Seems the BP is taking longer to soak in my skin & I don't know if that's a good thing or not? I catch myself at night scratching my face :( it sucks so bad... I'm going to post a pic of my face right mow (10:27pm) while the BP is drying so you can see.sorry for the face/red eyes. I'm super tired & disappointed in the way my skin looks... I had a nice zit this morning on my forehead & popped it. And all these lil bumps from my cheek area are rising.. Hopefully pushing out because I can never get rid of them. Like if I squeezed them just white crap will ooze out like a worm but the bumps would still be there... Idk how to explain but ya you can see them...

Thanks for listening....

Ps I'm still breaking out really bad on my jaw line. Wonder if its the extra drops of jojoba oil?


I would try an antibioitc to help with the larger pimples. I only say that because it looks like if you treat aggressively now, before it gets worse, you could prolly make some headway towards improving your complexion. Your skin really doesn't look that bad. My acne was much worse for a really long time. I used to have pustules all over my chin and larger cysts on my cheeks, just dreadful. Once I started Amoxil, it all cleared. I maintain now by taking Amoxil 3x a day and using a bp hybrid called benzaclin (clindamycin 1% strength+ benzoyl peroxide 5% strength). Peace!

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Looking back at your day 1 pictures and these pictures, I see a big improvement... so chin up lady! Try adding a few drops of vegetable glycerin to your moisterizer and I can almost guarantee your dryness, itching, flaking, redness, tightness and burning will stop with a few days. Stuff is amazing! You can purchase online or at a health food store. Seriously, go buy a bottle and don't give up on DKR.

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